Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello Every One. I hope that you are going incredibly wonderful and that you had a wonderful Christmas. I have been so keen to tell you about my holidays. I went on a Three week Holiday in our caravan with my youngest Brother, Mum and Dad. The first night which was the same day that we left we went down to Out Back Spectacular. This was so much fun. It was a Bush Christmas Special and also Phar Lap. I enjoy this very much and very strongly recommend going to it. It was very interesting, fun and expiring. The next day we traveled down to Sawtell. Close to Coffs Harbour, at a caravan park. we stayed there for two weeks with our really good friends and my brother and his wife. We had Christmas. That was a very wonderful day. I got a Nikon Camera that has 42 times optical zoom and 16.1 megapixels. It takes very beautiful photos and now I do believe most of my photos going onto my blog will be from my new camera instead of my ipod camera  and Through Instagram. My Username is 'ebbyking' if you would like to follow me. 
While we were at Sawtell we went down to the beach a lot and on one of the days we were there, there was a bird that must have escaped from its home. So we caught it and looked after it while we were  there no one was looking for it so were kept him. He is a white cockatiel. I named him Jerry. He is very lovely. he can whistle but none of us now what tune they are. He loves siting up on your shoulder. He is adorable. 
After Sawtell we went aroung vistiting friends and we also went to New Castle. A great thing that happened was we bought a boat. It is a wonderful old boat the has been fully restored. we went to a lake near Scone, NSW,  for one night and went water skiing and tubing. It was so much fun. Im slowly getting the hang of water skiing. We also went to tamworth and got a picture next to the Big Golden Guitar. Sadly I deletaed the good photo of us standing infront of us, but that okay i have some bad ones that were taken the day before when it was very dark, and I also remember the great memory. We got home on Saturday and that was My trip. I very much enjoyed it and will alway remember it. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time Ebby! I did miss you though, I am really excited that your back!

    We are going to Outback Spectacular on Saturday.

    I forgot to ask on the phone what presents you got, how stupid of me. I think I was just excited to be talking to you. So you got a camera, that's really cool! I can't wait to see the beautiful photos you'll take with it ( ;

    Love Lauren


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